APT57 provides a beautiful and ever-changing, comfortable shopping experience for our patrons – situated in a prime location in which, your goods can be safely showcased and resold through.

Our friendly team consists of in-store stylists and knowledgeable staff who have a passion for fashion! They are also backed by behind-the-scenes, professional creatives deploying digital marketing whilst utilizing their social media know-how and tech-trickery. Your items will gain excellent exposure to an ever-growing audience of prospective buyers and… All effortless for you!

Alongside that – your privacy and, the safety of your information is absolutely paramount to us. Also, communication is key to any great business relationship, we are committed to keep you well informed. Start to finish – everything from appraisal through to payments and/or item collections. For you, a no fuss exercise… recycled luxury made easy!!


→ We accept: Authentic, fault free, pre-owned fashion & accessories of international origin.

→ What & When: Summer Items – September to February. Winter Items – March through to August.

→ We do not accept: Australian labels.

before you visit us

APT57 is not responsible for any cleaning or restoration fees and will decline any item which is unsuitable.

→ All items presented must be freshly cleaned and damage-free. Otherwise, unacceptable.

unacceptable items

← Clothing with defect, damage or augmentation of any sort.

← Hand Bags with dust, fluff, debris, lip stick, make-up and biro marks.

← Sunglasses with scratched lenses and or damaged frames, especially bite marks on frame arms!!

← Accessories which are dirty, tarnished or aged.

hand bags

→ Mint condition and must be supplied with proof of purchase records or authenticity documentation.

→ Include original packaging and brand goodies where possible like; dust-bags, cases or boxes. Buyers like them!

appraisal procedure

Items can be bought to the store any time between Monday and Saturday 10am until 4.30pm for an obligation free appraisal. Items are required to be left with us at APT57 for 24 to 48hrs for inspection, authentication and evaluation.

→ We will then issue an appraisal via email which you can gladly accept or otherwise, decline.

if agreeable;

→ Provide us a few particulars. Required – mobile, email and postal address.

→ Items then showcased for 60 days.

← Alternatively, your item/s will be ready for immediate collection.


Client receives the agreed appraisal amount for items sold at the end of each sales period – which are monthly. We also supply a report, detailing items sold.

collection of unsold property

APT57 notifies client of unsold items after 60 Days. It is the clients responsibility to return and collect items within 10 calendar days. Failure to do so will result in items being deemed uncollected and thus – orphan.

disposal of orphaned goods

APT57 donates all unwanted items to charity. APT57 reserves the right to dispose of orphaned items by means of donating to [our nominated charity].

Please note. All terms and conditions stated here within are from time to time, subject to change.

our service, provided for you

Established in 2012. APT57 Double Bay has successfully and discretely proved to be one of Sydney’s most trusted and respected resellers of – ‘some of the most beautiful items that the “Fashionista” community has to offer’. Providing a hassle free and effortless service for hundreds of happy clients, now – for over half a decade.

Schedule an appraisal today. Call APT57 – [02]9363 0733 or EMAIL us a message