♦ We sell: International labels.
♦ We accept: Summer till February. Winter till August.
♦ Pre-owned, near-to-brand new and faultless goods are accepted.
♦ Please note; we don’t sell Australian couture.
♦ Goods processing schedule is between Monday and Thursday
– Weekly, 10am until 5pm. Call/email to schedule an appraisal.

your obligations

presentation checklist 101

♦ ALL worn and used clothing must be freshly dry-cleaned, fault and damage-free.
♦ Hand Bags must be free of dust, fluff, debris, lip stick, make-up and biro marks.
♦ Sunglass lenses are scratch-free and arms are bite-mark-free.
♦ Accessories are polished and wiped clean of all markings.

♦ APT57 is not responsible for any cleaning or restoration fees and will decline any item which is unsuitable.
♦ High value items must be accompanied with serial certification and authenticity documentation. Ensures buyer satisfaction

If items are faultless and in perfect condition, you’re all set!
Include original packaging and brand goodies where possible like; authenticity cards, dust-bags, cases or boxes.

then what happens?

APT57 issues an emailed item appraisal and if appraisal is agreeable;
♦ Client signs up.
♦ Provides key contact information.
– Required Info: Phone, Email and Postal.
♦ Items then showcased for 60 days.
✘ Alternatively your items will be ready for immediate collection.

$$$ time

When item is sold, client receives the appraised wholesale price, after the sales period. Sales periods are per calendar month. Please refrain from intermittent sales checks. We will notify you accordingly.

our obligation

Communication is key. And your privacy is paramount to us.

collection of unsold property

APT57 notifies client of unsold items after 60 Days and client must return to collect items within 10 calendar days

disposal of orphaned goods

APT57 has the right to dispose of or; donate all orphaned goods to [our nominated charity].

Schedule an appraisal today. Call APT57 – [02]9363 0733 or EMAIL us a message